A Smiling and Caring People

Photo credit: Capiz News

Photo credit: Capiz News

Ask yourself — why is it that expatriates who initially resent being assigned to the Philippines eventually find it so hard to leave when their tour of duty is up?

Why are nurses and caregivers from the Philippines very much in demand in different parts of the world?
The country’s renowned attractions like the powdery white sands of Boracay, the diving sites of Coron in Palawan, the adventure paradise of Siargao, and the variety of other experiences are comparable, if not better, than what the rest of the world has to offer. But what is it about the Philippines that really makes it a “must visit” for travelers?
A smiling and caring people
Even if we still add on to this long list of reasons for tourists to visit the Philippines … nothing would be more compelling and worthwhile than to meet our people of 90 million smiling and caring Filipinos and be pampered by our homegrown hospitality right in our own backyard. In a world that has become one small global village yet separated by indifference and self-centeredness, people from highly developed countries that live the rat race on a daily basis discover the smiles and affection of our kind and compassionate people refreshing and infectious. Follow your heart and visit the Philippines. Be touched and rejuvenated by our beyond the usual warmth and share it with your loved ones back home.

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