HUNDRED ISLANDS in Alaminos, Pangasinan

HUNDRED ISLANDS in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Though I did not grow up here in our hometown, I spent my summers here.

And, it was only now that I had this sort of mystical experience where mist hovered over the still part of the water we were in when it rained. Such a sensoral experience because being in its midst and the sight of millions of raindrops splattering the sea competed with the contrasting heat of the water and the cold rain shower for the brain’s attention.

This must be the closest thing to ecstasy. A taste of heaven on earth … a glimpse of paradise.

So surreal. Just like that coming straight out of a high-budget movie set.

It was a perfect moment — a fleeting magical moment that cannot be captured or prolonged.

This experience really made our day. Coming as it did on our way back home to the mainland, Lucap, after spending almost the whole day in crowded Quezon Island.

It was our first time to visit Romulo Island and we had it all to ourselves. What more can one ask for?


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