Shopping for makeup in Kuala Lumpur


MAC Cosmetics. The make up of the stars in Manila.

With too much time on their hands, what’s a girl to do in Kuala Lumpur?

Go shopping, of course. And, shopping my wife did while I was manning the “war room” at the Impiana Hotel – Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) for the Tara Na sa Malaysia! familiarization trip of Zest Air and Tourism Malaysia for bloggers, media and travel agents.


LINK BRIDGE. The airconditioned pedestrian walkway as we call ours in Makati. Note the casette type airconditioning ducts.

Patrons of the hotel find it very convenient to go shopping because they have easy access to the airconditioned link bridge that connects the hotel to Pavilion KL and other strategic destinations. They do not have to go down at street level, they just hop off the elevator and go straight to the link bridge.

From there, it is just a cool and easy 10-15 minute walk. Just enough exercise to burn off some calories.

MAC Cosmetics is at the 3rd Level of the Pavilion via the Bukit Bintang Entrance where the water fountain across Sephora is.

She was met by a very amiable and capable make up consultant named Farrah who conducted a demo on her that made her end up spending more than what she intended.




Ayan … and she lived happily ever after 🙂


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