BAGUIO: My favorite vacation spot


MY WIFE GEMMA. Yehey!!! Pupunta kami sa Baguio!!!

What better way to relax after a very hectic and tiring electoral campaign season than to spend it with a loved one in the high cool mountain air of the Cordilleras?

Baguio is my favorite vacation spot. “Baguio air” as my friends Peegee Silo and Gogo Buenaseda used to say.


Given a choice, I would have loved to live here in Baguio. Actually, I wanted to relocate here in 1997 during the Asian Currency Crisis. Brought my wife and kids here. Unfortunately, for mere mortals like us, we cannot do so without having livelihood and career opportunities to back up our wants and desires.

This time it is my wife and I only sans the kids. A second honeymoon on our 25th year … 24 and a half actually. But Baguio is popular among newlyweds and the unweds. The cool climate brings out a certain glow and romance blooms among the Pine trees.


We discovered that it is now faster and more comfortable to travel to Baguio by land because of the new and wider roads from the SCTex exit upto La Union. Kudos to DPWH and Sec. Singson.

You should try it our for yourselves. Whether by bus or doing the driving yourself, it is now more convenient, thank God.

Mon Jimenez and the Department of Tourism surely inspires every Filipino to pitch in and help the country attract more tourists. Thanks to Sec. Singson and DPWH … it is now more fun to visit Baguio!


It is our first time to try out Azalea Residences along Leonard Wood Loop. Near the Botanical Garden, St. Joseph’s Church and Wright Park. Promo rates are great. The marketing and sales staff are very accommodating, especially Michelle. They actually gave us a rate much lower than travel discount sites like Agoda, etc. My wife just phoned-in and was graciously accommodated.

Try it out when you are here in Baguio. Azalea is ideal for both couples and entire families.



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