Culinary Adventure in the Shoe Capital

Eastern Sunday

By Mary Ann Jocson

Who would think that the city where killer heels, sleek black shoes, and sandals to-die-for are being made also offers an enjoyable dining experience?

Distinct delicacies of a certain locality best articulate the rich history and culture that such place is known for. Marikina City which has an interesting blend of Chinese and Spanish cultures, cradles mouth-watering delicacies that give diners a delightful gastronomic journey. Among the well-loved signature dishes of the Shoe Capital are Everlasting, Woknatoy, and Laoya which tourists would not want to miss when setting foot in the Shoe Capital.


No, not the lei of dried straw flowers abundant in the highlands but rather an oblong-shaped meatloaf-like dish that is often served during feast days in Marikina. Named after being ever-present in Marikenian occasions like birthdays and religious celebrations like Christmas and Spanish-inspired feast days, Everlasting is one of the must-try dishes…

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