MARIKINA: Twinville Hydroponics Farm

Farmville ni QFresh vegetables at much lower prices compared to those in our public markets and groceries? Why not try the Twinville Hydroponic Farm at Brgy. Concepcion Uno in Marikina?

Here you can buy lettuce at P180/kilo, compared to the market price of P250/kilo elsewhere (depending on variety). Their mushrooms are sold at P250/kilo. They also have herbal plants for sale: Stevia, Peppermint, Italian Oregano, Tarragon, etc.

This farm is a pilot demo farm of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and was a joint project of Congressman Miro Quimbo and Twinville Homeowners Association, Inc. (THAI) way back in 2009 when Quimbo was not yet a congressman.

For THAI, it was an experimental social enterprise as part of its “Adopt a Vacant Lot” project where heavily vegetated and cluttered idle lots that were eyesores, havens for addicts, or staging areas and hiding places for criminals were cleared of all trees, shrubs, structures, etc. — 21 vacant lots cleared to the ground with the help of payloaders, graders, dump trucks, and personnel of the Marikina City Engineers Office and the all out support of the mayor at that time, Marides C. Fernando who is better known as MCF.

The idea was to make these eyesores productive to help the community — 1) through cheaper vegetables that residents can buy; and 2) through revenue infusion for the homeowners association coming from sales of the farm. Mayor MCF committed to buy all of the farm’s produce and used for the meals of the city jail.

It was also a peace and order project and security measure in line with THAI’s “A Safe Twinville” campaign. If these vacant lots were cleared … there would be no hiding places for robbers, akyat bahay, holduppers, and other criminals.

The project manager assigned by THAI for this farm-with-a-mission was its director, Tomas “Sunny” Pagaduan, Jr., an Asian Institute of Management (AIM) graduate who used his expertise and put it to good use to enable the farm to contribute much needed funds to its homeowners association. It was initially managed by Pagaduan and 2 other THAI officers: Andrew Barrit and Mar Ayala. At present, it is managed by THAI treasurer Rodel Bellosillo (cell # 09062427104).

Also known as “Farmville ni Q” … the Twinville Hydroponics Farm has been featured several times on television and in the newspapers because of its advocacy to make it easier for people to provide food for every table thru backyard farms or urban gardening.

Two volunteer residents — senior citizens who have tirelessly toiled everyday at the farm without any remuneration are Manny Manahan of Rosas Street and Dez Cleto of Hasmin Street. Day in and day out they tend to the operational needs of the farm twice a day — 8 to 10 in the morning and 3 to 5 in the afternoon.

Why do they do it? The passion to be productive members of society and to be able to serve their community.

How noble for Manny and Dez to serve for free all these years … while many of their neighbors who are affluent with much to spare do not even pay their monthly dues to help uplift their community. This shows the stuff they are made of — people of character, these two.

When you buy vegetables here, you are not only helping Twinville uplift itself into becoming “a model community where residents can walk the streets safely once again.” You are also helping this demo farm help others thru transfer of technology and expertise.

Pagaduan, Manahan, Ayala, and Barrit are regularly called upon by DOST to share the technology and their experience to schools, LGUs, other communities, enthusiasts, etc.

They also participate regularly in DOST organized trade fairs and exhibits and sell their produce.

They also receive many visitors in their demo farm. These are lakbay aral groups from different parts of the country who want to replicate Twinville’s success in their respective communities.

So, come on over now and patronize this very laudable social enterprise and enable it to help alot more people for a long, long time.

Contact details:

Everlasting Street corner of Hasmin and Dama de Noche streets,
Twinville Subdivision, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City, Philippines 1807

Manny Manahan: +639437060448
Rodel Bellosillo: +639062427104
Tomas Pagaduan, Jr.: +639172742728, +639339153852









  1. edgardo coralde

    i’m a pwd person, but eager to produce vegetable thru hydrophonics, i want to visit your site someday , thank you

  2. Jose

    Good day Sir, is this still existing? I am interested in starting hydrophonics in Bacolod. and i would appreciate your insights on how to start.

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