Sol Marina Boracay fasttracks expansion to cope with demand

At par with the world's best -- a place to see and be seen.

MODERN VILLAS. At par with the world’s best — a place to see and be seen.

BORACAY, Philippines – In a highly competitive tourism industry especially in a world renowned tourist destination like Boracay, a strong willed and inspiring business player now emerges to further diversify his 40-plus years of established entrepreneurship, Ambassador Alfredo M. Yao.

His conglomerate include Zest-O Corporation, RC Cola, Solmac Mktg., Inc, Semexco Marketing, Inc., Philippine Business Bank, SMI Development Corporation and just fit to complement Zest Air business now emerges Summit Hotel and Resort Specialist Inc. managing and developing its flagship resort property the Sol Marina Resort Boracay at Punta Bunga Cove, Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, one among the various streamlined properties in other prime tourist destinations.

Set to earmark its new frontier into the Hotel and resort Industry arena from its current 55 room resort to a 380 room 4 star resort facility scheduled to be completed by first quarter of 2014 contributing an additional 10000 room nights for the Boracay Island.

POOLSIDE BAR. Relax and unwind lazing around a modern infinity pool that washes away all stress and anxieties.

It will also feature the largest infinity pool reaching an approximate 2800 sqm area , a mini golf course, convention center with a capacity for 800 delegates and other distinct features to capture the complete and ultimate guest experience in Boracay for both business and leisure individual travelers as well as the mice (meetings, incentives, convention and exhibit) market.

More information is expected to be released following the full blast commencement of Sol Marina Resort development. Sol Marina Resort is also expected to uphold its vision to stimulate further and contribute to the local economy.

It's like having the beach all to yourselves.

VERDANT BEACHFRONT. It’s like having the beach all to yourselves.

The resort development further intends to implement and maintain its commitment to environmentally friendly business practices covering its water supply conservation and recycling facilities, energy sustainability and other green efforts.

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MARINA HOTEL. You'll be in a quandary whether to spend your stay indoors or outdoors.

MARINA HOTEL. You’ll be in a quandary whether to spend your stay indoors or outdoors.


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