Baguio: Strawberry Taho Anyone?

Baguio: Strawberry Taho Anyone?

Taho or silken tofu with sago pearls and brown sugar syrup is a popular street food or delicacy in the Philippines. Well, it is mostly seen in highly urbanized areas all over the archipelago. It may have to do with the silken tofu being ordered and picked up hot from taho factories which are based in the cities or progressive towns.

Lately, imported stuff similar to our beloved taho have been dumped here mainly from China. It is no wonder then that a great majority, if not all, have tasted taho at one point in his life.

So it was a welcome treat to find out that our strawberry capital came out with a unique variety that showcased what they were popular for.

The first time we encountered Strawberry Taho was when we went up to Baguio one summer. We heard Mass at the St. Joseph Parish, near Wright Park, and my wife spotted this delicacy.

The following day, like a conceiving pregnant mother, she kept on badgering me about buying strawberry taho. We had to go around the city until we finally found some in Burnham Park and Minesview Park.

Are you sure they did not add Cordillera gold to this strawberry taho concoction?


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